Health and Cleanliness Standards


The health & safety of our customers is our first priority. Our staffs clean and sanitize all play structures and toys before we open for business in the morning and at least every 2 hours there after. We also use the hospital grade sanitizing solution and the most advanced electronic ULV fogging machine to sanitize our entire facility EVERY NIGHT. This extra step allow us to maintain a clean and healthy facility.

We require our customers to follow the most common well-child rules for most public facilities and keep yourself and your children at home during times of illness. If either you or your child/children show any sign of cold or flu like symptoms, please stay home and get some rest.

We have a bathroom with diaper changing station in our facility. It is for our customers only. We try our VERY best to maintain a clean bathroom and we appreciate any help from our customers to help us keep our bathroom clean. If we are running low on toilet paper or paper towels, please kindly notify our staff so we can restock for other customers.